VenPlex is the creator of AppUtils

A python based cloud services platform with support for NoSQL, graph databases, text search, & mobile frameworks. AppUtils enables rapid development of highly scalable Internet solutions.

Apps Powered By AppUtils

An ecommerce platform, GainStores helps merchants to create an online professional store for selling products to global consumers.

KitWall (Keep In Touch With ALL) is a group notification system that allows distributing alerts, notifications, subscriptions etc. for (very) small to large groups.

Ganitix gathers data necessary to analyze your web/mobile application and notifies the info. It lets you build applications without the fear of losing traffic.

About Us
  • Extreme Development
  • Big Data
  • Highly Scalable

VenPlex was started to with a vision to build Internet scale innovative solutions. Since then, we have launched additonal applications in the area of messaging and e-commerce. In the process, we have built a capable & robust platform that will continue catapult our future growth.

VenPlex Inc. is a California Corporation based in Sunnyvale CA.